I Might Not Be The Healthiest Gal To Walk The Earth, But Wellness Is Important, So Here We Are

I feel a little ambitious creating a “Wellness” tab on my blog because nutrition, health, fitness, and all that jazz have never really been all that important to me.

In the past, I have paid little to know attention to the food I put into my body or to the chemicals I put on my body.

However, as of late, things have started to change.

I’m not a fitness guru.

I’m not a holistic doctor.

My eating habits are a major work in progress, but I figured sharing this little journey couldn’t hurt.

So here we go, taking leaps into new things!!

To start us off, let’s share a little bit about this whole wellness thing and where it began.

I’ve always been pretty average health wise, tall, but pretty average other than that. I grew up using whatever products were normal to use. I ate your average snacks at lunch and have always eaten a tremendous amount of Oreo’s, but is beside the point.

My younger self was pretty active and always growing taller, so eating healthy was not something I ever thought too much about, not a great excuse, but it is true. I would gladly eat my way through high school because I played sports and I didn’t feel like it really made that much of a difference in my life.

Come college, one of my friends starting talking to me about all of the crazy chemicals in our beauty products. I WAS IN SHOCK. There were tons of things I had been putting on my body that were toxic. There were so many cancer-causing substances that I didn’t even know I had been slathering into my skin and this led me to think twice before throwing products in my cart.

This is what really kicked things into gear.

It started with products and making wiser choices when it came to buying face wash or shampoo.

Soon enough, I started to hear more and more about how much the food we eat affects our mental health, gut health, and skin.

Again, I am no doctor, but this seemed like it should have been clearer to me sooner.


Alright, back to the point.

Since 2019 hit (you know, new year, new me, HA), there have been small lifestyle changes taking place.

Rather than scrolling through Instagram, I have been reminded that it is beneficial to use that time to maybe do a small arm workout before bed or for pete’s sake maybe even just a few crunches, whatever works really.

On another note, podcasts about food have become SO fascinating to me. I’m by no means perfect and mess up often, but hearing the science behind why certain foods aren’t nutritious has really caused me to think twice.

The whole health and nutrition scene has really been drawing my attention and I want to learn about food and fitness in a healthy way.

I know myself and things I get passionate about real quick also seem to fall apart REAL quick. So this little corner of the internet is going to be here to keep me accountable and to keep me educated.

I’ll be sharing some healthy food tips, essential oil tips, and maybe someday even a few fitness tips.

My hope and prayer is that this little space stays transparent as can be and that we are all able to learn how to honor our bodies together in a super healthy way!

Stay tuned, pals!

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