How To Use Natural Products On A College Girls Budget


Alright, here's the deal. 

When you are in college, your bank account isn't exactly thriving. Any and all college kids are aware of this. We just aren't typically loaded and most of our days are spent scraping the funds out from wherever we can.

Oh, what a joy.

Over the past year or so, I have learned a few things about all of those CRAZY chemicals that have taken over the affordable products we use on the daily. 

We are talking products that cause all sorts of chemical imbalances, products that are killing our oceans, and products that are making our skin dry, wrinkly and filled with rashes and acne. 

I know, YIKES! (AND, these are products that I have used regularly.)

Yet, I thought there was no way I could afford products that were healthy.

Now before you run away, I promise ya' I am in no way trying to sell ya' anything at all, but it is important to inform ya' that what is in your products ACTUALLY does affect your body, mood, and health! 

However, there is hope! A few companies have taken it upon themselves to create products that don't kill us from the inside out with chemicals, YAY. 

As previously mentioned, I had heard the downside: shopping for products that are all natural can be pricey. 

Like, I said, yo' girl isn't exactly loaded, so it was time to get thrifty. 

Let me tell ya', if your average college girl who babysits, housesits, and occasionally blogs for a "living" can make this work, so can you.

Don't doubt yourself, for real...make the switch to safer products. PLEASE. 

Phew, that was quite the long intro, but LET'S DIVE IN MY FRIENDS. 

First things first, when you want to make the switch to safe products, you have got to check ingredients! 

Most of your average joe, go-to shampoos, face washes, deodorants, lotions, air fresheners, and all that jazz have some damaging products in them that might be banned in countries like the UK, but for some reason aren't banned by the FDA! So avoid things like parabens, and fragrance (and many others) as much as possible! 

*TIP: If you can't read the item listed on the ingredients list and it is about a mile long and seems like a chemical, it most likely is! 

You are probably wondering, "How the heck am I supposed to memorize a long list of chemicals to avoid? This is WAY too much work."

Have no fear, my friends. I thought the same thing, but as a wise person once said, "There's an app for that."

BRILLIANT. A human created something so we don't have to memorize all those nasty chemicals. 

This brings us to point number 2...HEAD ON OVER TO YOUR APP STORE AND DOWNLOAD "THINK DIRTY".

All you gotta' do is scan your product while you are in the store and it will tell you how "dirty" (AKA HARMFUL, AKA...DO NOT BUY) the product is. Not only does this tell you how dangerous the product is on a scale of 1-10, but it also lists the ingredients and tells ya' exactly what harmful things they are doing to you!


Perhaps you are thinking, I couldn't possibly have time to check ingredients, or scan a product in the store when my three-year-old is screaming, or when I am running late, or when I am lazy (been there, sista'). 

Welp, here are a few of my very favorite safe products that are typically in your local grocery stores, Target, Walmart, and two of my personal favorites, Sprouts and Trader Joe's.


- SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER: SHEA MOISTURE (Curly haired girls especially, YES.)

- LOTION: SHEA MOISTURE, PLAIN COCONUT OIL (Trader Joe's brand is fabulous and will last you a very long time)

- BODY WASH: DR.BRONNERS (Read the label before use, you only need a teeny tiny bit for one use!), SHEA MOISTURE (They just rock. There are lots of products by them that are safe and won't break the bank!!)


- DEODORANT: SCHMIDT'S (Seriously, the best natural one I have personally found thus far.), TOM'S (Totally safe, not always the absolute best results. Personally, I add a few drops of essential oils to this one in order to get the job done.)

- AIR FRESHENER: I am a diffuser gal, so I would say your safest bet is essential oils! To my understanding, Young Living is the safest route in terms of oils! 

Alright so this post would be the length of a novel if we got into cleaning products and makeup right now, so we will leave you with those brands for now!

Let's get to the real question here, HOW can one afford to shop natural?

Use the list above and check out the "Think Dirty" app and from there you will likely find that these products are not all that more expensive than what you would typically be purchase. 

When you switch out your products, you will also probably find that you can use one bottle of "Dr.Bronner's"  soap for laundry detergent, face wash, body wash, and so many other things. Since a lot of the products have many uses, you really don't lose money in the long run. 

Head on over to Pinterest to find some ways to DIY some all natural products as well!

In terms of oils, they might seem a little bit pricey, but if you are willing to take the plunge, you can save A LOT of money by getting the starter kit that includes 11 oils as well as a diffuser! On top of that, there is no commitment to sell them or anything like that, you can just be a consumer and find what oils are actually "essential" for you!

If you are like me, and a DIY type of chick, then leave a comment below and I can make another post that is all about products you can make at home with coconut oil, Young Living essential oils, and other fun stuff!

This post is in no way sponsored, I don't sell any of these, these are just my honest opinions. After doing some research I found that these are the safe and affordable options!



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