Jesus Chat: Live in the Now

Today I felt like taking a little morning run (aka small amount of running and then walking a lot) and something was placed on my heart mid run. 

I had this epiphany about relationships, super fun. If you are anything like me and in the media scene, you probably have caught yourself scrolling through posts about writing letters to your future husband and praying for your future husband. 

Now ladies, 

I am 100% on board with praying for your future husband but in the past, I found that I needed to take a break from writing down my prayers for my future husband. What? But why would you just stop praying? No no no, that wasn't it. 

I just found that time spent with God sorta turned into time spent dreaming of the future. Not all bad, but for me, this soon started to wear on my faith.

That is where today comes in. I have started as of a few weeks ago to start writing down prayers for my future relationship and even wrote a letter to whoever the Lord has in store (sappy, I know). Doing this again has brought up some similar challenges that I faced before. 

I might be the only one but once you are caught up in the world of people getting engaged left and right, you start to turn corners and think "what if it's him?" or "what if I never meet him?"

Okay, this is where my morning run thoughts hit me hard. 

If I am constantly wondering where my future husband is and sulking in it and quite honestly letting it consume me every now and then, then what the heck is my future husband doing?

I would like to think that my future guy is not sitting around sulking and wondering where his future wife is. In fact, I hope that he is SOOO in love with the Lord and learning more about the world around him that he isn't just browsing, waiting, and wondering about his future family (do guys even do that ever? If you have the answer let me know.)

SOOO, why would I be doing that? There is no need for me to sit here and wait and wonder, but rather LIVE. Get outside, feel the warmth of the air, jump in the ocean, travel the world, take leaps of faith, and GUESS WHAT? Then when (and if) I cross paths with whoever the Lord wants me to, we can chase all the things we chased before, but together.

I don't know your beliefs or background. So if all of this sounded like some crazy girl just ranting about her love life and Jesus then I don't blame ya' for thinking that. However, I would really love to get to know you and your beliefs too. What are your thoughts on love and life? Let's chat. You can connect with me via email and send me a message, I would be glad to listen to ya'.

So much love my friends,