In The Good and The Bad, We REALLY Need Each Other

It’s hard to share stories when you are in the midst of it. For that reason, I typically wait until I’m on the other end of something before I write or talk about it.

Now don’t get me wrong, stories are MY JAM.

I LOVE writing them, reading them, and hearing them. However, when the end of the story hasn’t been figured out yet, it becomes much more challenging to put pen to paper or words in your mouth.

Trying to tell someone where you are at without knowing where you are going is like looking down a tunnel you can’t see the end of.

Ya’ get what I’m saying?

If you are anything like me, this long, daunting, tunnel is what leaves you sitting in the shadows pretending you have it all together until light eventually finds its way in.

The dangers of sitting in tough things because we are afraid of sharing them is that this leads to feeling alone, lost, and misunderstood.

However, sitting there alone whether hurt, or happy, is a whole lot harder than letting someone into it with you.

The truth about this season of life for me? While it’s scary.

I’m fearful, excited, nervous, and most days, very much so a mess.

The reason for all these emotions comes down to one thing, change.

I’ve never been one to do well with change.

I sort of freakout.

You see, the next year looks blurry.

College is coming to a close.

Then comes 6 weeks in another country.

In 4 months, I’ll be sitting in an apartment across the US.

Comfort as I know it will be shaken and I am a “wrap me in a fuzzy blanket” type of comfortable girl.

AND FRIENDS, this is a GOOD change.

Now, if you are wondering why I’m spilling my recent life events with you, here it goes:

You see, even good things seem bad when we try to do them all by ourselves.

In the midst of sitting in fear and not telling anyone, I almost forgot that change can be good. The fear of my comfort zone being shoved to the side overtook all the excitement.

Let me tell ya’, bottling things up leaves ya’ feeling nothing shy of overwhelmed.

Is change still scary? ABSOLUTELY.

Yet, what’s scarier is stepping into the change alone.

Whatever you are facing today, even if you are right there in the middle of a long, dark, tunnel, seek out a safe person to be honest with. Drop the mask you have on and be honest with what you are in the middle of. Don’t wait until it’s all better.

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s be there for each other.

Let’s step into the muddy parts of life and be the listening ear.

Life is tough and you do NOT have to do it all by yourself. There is power in letting others in.

Shannon HaupertComment