6 Ways to Stay Positive When You Swear the World is Out to Get You

Hey pals.

I’m going to be real, I am NOT a pro when it comes to happiness (I MEAN, who is?).

However, in this crazy season of life, I am learning that sometimes life really, REALLY, hits you with the worst things all at once.

Everyday, we hear about people facing VERY hard real life struggles.

Amidst it all, we don’t have the answers. Life is hard.

All we can do is keep praying, laughing, and believing that life is more than the worst of days.

There are 6 things that I have found help me stay positive on a daily basis.

Like I said, I’m not a pro and definitely am not thriving when it comes to this whole positivity thing, but IT IS A JOURNEY MY FRIEND.

Thanks for tagging along.

  1. All the podcasts.

  2. Crack open a good book.

    • Reading is an amazing thing. You can read for hours and get some GOOD rest and relaxation.

  3. Write until your fingers fall off, or just get creative in some way.

    • Alright, writing is for sure my favorite way to stay positive. However, I get that not everyone finds joy in it.

    • If your “thing” is building with your hands, DO IT. If your “thing” is drawing, DO IT.

    • Create something. This builds confidence and reminds ya’ that you are capable of doing things.

  4. Get music in your ears NOW.

    • Music is truly a gift.

    • Make a new playlist for all of the happiest songs, worship songs, and nostalgic-in-a-good-way songs you know.

    • Listen even when you don’t think it’ll help!!

  5. Send others some positivity.

    • I know, this sounds counter productive.

    • “How the heck am I supposed to help someone else feel positive when I feel like a mess already?”

    • Here’s the deal, we are about to get cheesy. You’ve been warned. However, this quote is GOOD and accurate: “We rise by lifting others.”

    • Go help people. Pray for people. Send people an encouraging text. This IS going to remind you that you sure as heck aren’t alone and it is going to build your friendships. DO IT, PLEASE.

  6. Leave the room even when you don’t want to.

    • Some down time is good. We could all use a break.

    • However, if you catch yourself falling into the midst of a pity party, get out of your room/house/cocoon and head towards a coffee shop, the outdoors, or to a good movie.

Life is hard, there are going to be good days and bad days.

Let’s get after the bad days and combat them with all the positivity we can.

Love people while your at it.

Much love,


Shannon HaupertComment