Even When It's Hard, Say Yes

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Source: Pinterest

“Maybe some day”

“I’ll try that eventually.”

These thoughts have plagued my mind time and time again.

They creep in and stop me from getting things done!

I am willing to bet you have had these thoughts too. Whether it be applying for a job, starting that side hustle, shoot, even cleaning your room (guilty), it is hard to say yes and then actually do the thing.

Lately, I’ve been wondering why this is and for me personally it’s come down to fear, and laziness.

The laziness, is more of a personal thing that we could work on and tackle with obnoxious amounts of coffee and the most motivational Spotify playlist.

However, when it comes to being afraid of doing the hard things, that is a whole other beast to tame.

You see, each job application that puts ourselves on the line is a leap of faith.

Anything that requires risk makes us shiver. We are human beings, and the thought of something going south makes us feel unsafe.

So, why do we get scared of taking leaps of faith?

This answer could be different for everyone. However, I’m learning that I fear that I’ll mess up and fail. I fear that it’ll be VERY hard. I fear that even if I put in all the effort, I still won’t succeed.

It takes work to clean the room, or apply for the job, or to start the side hustle.

Doing the hard thing is…well, hard.

When life gets tough, we tend to jump at any excuse to not do it.

“Time to apply for the dream job?”

“Well, let’s just wait until I’m more qualified.”

“Time to book the plane ticket?”

“Hmmm, let’s wait until the next paycheck.”

I was venting to someone recently about how much change scared me and they quickly reminded me of this:

When something is hard, that doesn't mean you shouldn’t do it.

OHHH. Yep, let’s just let that soak in.

In my tiny brain, I tend to think that if God wants me to do something, He will make it “easy.”

This sure as heck is NOT always the case.

Will he make a way? Absolutely, if it is His will for you to do the thing.

Will that way be super simple? Most likely not.

Will you learn along the way? Absolutely.

We’ve been taught to stay in the safe zone and avoid the things that take work. It seems like everyone and their mother has access to “the easy life” since we only see them through filtered social media photos.

It’s just not true.

Behind every fitness guru you follow is YEARS of workouts and hitting goals.

Behind every mom you compare yourself to is a stained t-shirt from their toddler and mountains of laundry.

Behind every Doctor is YEARS of schooling.

Behind every author is months and months of writing into the wee hours of the night.

We don’t see the hard parts. And because we don’t see the hard parts, we assume that they got there easily.

Next time you get the chance to move, to take a promotion, to get the degree, to take the leap of faith, remind yourself that it’s ALRIGHT for it to be hard. Just because it’s hard, doesn’t mean you should decide not to do it.

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