This World Is Broken, Love People

“Well, you’ll never have more than you could handle.”

“Just trust God and it’ll all work out!!”

“Oh, but ‘so and so’ has it so much worse.”

These are three of the many phrases that bounce around when tragedy strike.

Don’t get me wrong, I have said them myself (Sorry if you are reading this and have heard these gross phrases spew from my mouth).

It’s a lot more fun to be positive and tell people that good still exists in the world and believe me, I’m all for it.

However, there are some moments in life that straight up suck…A LOT.

I wish there was a prettier way to say it, but there isn’t.

When life goes haywire and everything around you feels broken, it sure as heck doesn’t feel like “You’ve been given what you could handle.”

You are allowed to be hurt for a bit during painful seasons.

When family members get sick, when divorce shatters yet another home, when depression and anxiety jump onto the scene, when friendships are broken, and break ups happen, or hey, even when the cashier tells you that they are out of the one thing you wanted to order, let’s not act like we just need to wear a smile and move on.

I know it’s uncomfortable. Believe me, my friend, I feel ya’, but we have got to stop telling people that they won’t be given more than they could handle and we have got to start jumping into the pits of the worst of the worst with them.

Give them a shoulder to cry on. Show up when they need you and embrace the uncomfortable.

Life seems to do this thing as you get older where it reminds you daily that you have SO much to learn.

On the endless list of life lessons, this is a big one for me lately: Love people and be there for them.

That’s it.

Notice that there is no, “Love people and be there for them… and try to throw solutions to the problem in their face.”

Notice that there is no, “Love people and be there for them, only if it’s convenient timing.”

Notice that there is no, “Love only certain people and be there for them when you feel like it. “

Trust me, I am preaching to the choir as my words type these letters.

We can all learn together.

Sometimes we don’t need to solve the world’s problems or even have answers for how broken the world is. What we do need is to love people and be there for them.

Today, let’s focus on that.

Shannon HaupertComment