Let's Work on Shopping Ethically, Together

When we think of shopping ethically, we often times think of shopping somewhere that is going to break the bank.

We think of having to avoid Walmart and Target at all costs and turning into a person who sews their own clothes.

Maybe that’s just me, but heck, it does NOT seem easy to avoid buying products that were made in sweatshops.

I would argue that it is work to stay informed and know where your products were made and who made them.

However, putting forth the bit of effort is far MORE THAN worth it when we look at the actual cost of the products we use on the daily.

Here are a few stats to start us off that will remind both me and you of why we should be shopping ethically.

Alrighty, now here’s the deal, now that we know these few truths about the industry, it makes the “work” that we need to put in to shop ethically seem like a lot less of a deal.

I’m not writing to make ya’ feel tremendous guilt for everything you have ever purchased, yet rather to inform both you and me and lead us to start making changes.

It is time to start thinking about what we buy and where it came from.

It might not be one ethical shopper than single handedly changes fast fashion, BUT TOGETHER, ahh, that is where the good stuff happens.

Next time you are wandering the aisles of your favorite corporate giant, take some time to do a quick Google search on the company.

Be on the lookout for ethical brands and support the small businesses that are making a huge change!

Shannon HaupertComment