Born Near The Beach - Mindset Of The Mountains - Dreamin' Of The City - And Living In The Desert

Growing up in sunny Southern California, I was SPOILED to the max with the weather. We are talkin' sunny and 75 roughly 85% of the year (I don't know if that's a real statistic, I honestly just made it up, but you get the point). 

I constantly complained about how bored I was and how I hated how hot it was. HA. Your girl was WRONG. 

First of all, Southern Californians get the beach, the one and only Disneyland, and you could seriously go surfing and snowboarding in the same day if you wanted to, HUH? I mean, we could also talk about the insanely expensive cost of living, but that's a topic for another day. 

Anyways, I think you understand, I was raised in the land of In-N-Out and avocados, and my friends, I am not mad about it. 

Here's the deal though, I went through these phases of thinking I wanted to live anywhere cold, and then these phases of wanting to stay there forever. Ah, notice the missing link, never was there a thought in my mind of moving somewhere even more in the desert.

OH YO' GIRL WAS WRONG. I sit here typing in the blazing hot, Arizona sun (HA, YA RIGHT. You know I am sitting in the AC, because I FRY easier than the average piece of bacon, ok, back to the important stuff), Arizona is an absolute oven during the summer and the last place I EVER saw myself landing, even if that meant just for a little while. 

The point is, life does this weird thing where it completely never goes as planned, we all know that by now. 

Never in a million years would I have considered moving somewhere in the heat.

However, if I hadn't, I would've missed out on meeting some friends that have become family, an abundance of grand coffee shops, interning, working, writing, dorming, apartment living, and so many other adventures.

Looking back, it was not at all the easy route. I know there are going to be even harder decisions down the road. 

If you are catchin' yourself in the midst of a whole lot of decision making, don't knock out the option that seems impossible. Hey, take some time to look into it, Pray about it, think it through, and see if maybe the one place you never saw yourself is actually somewhere for you to park it for a minute (or forever, who knows?)

Maybe you're sittin' in a little comfort zone too (BEEN THERE MY FRIEND).

Moving forward and adapting to CHANGE is hard and I haven't really ever been it's number 1 fan. However, what I can tell ya' is that not all change is bad. 

Sometimes moving is necessary. Sometimes getting up and saying "Yes" to something new is necessary. Sometimes there are adventures that you HAVE to take and new opportunities that you can and should say yes to. 

Moral of this little ramble, life is weird. 

Life throws you all sorts of changes and adapting to them is going to be hard. 

Perhaps you are sittin' in a little comfort zone and feelin' like you have got to jump and if that is you, THIS could very well be the time.

Holy moly, there is life to be lived people. Let's dive in and move forward and take chances.