Hello 2019: Words & Goals

There are probably about a dozens (or heck, hundreds?) of goals that I have failed at accomplishing over the course of my 21 years of existence.

Just to name a few, we can start with, “get straight A’s” through all of elementary and middle school. Then there was the whole, “Play sports in college” goal (HA.) Then came the go straight to a 4 year university goal that came falling down at avalanche speeds.

I know this is sounding pretty depressing thus far, but please stick around, I promise, this gets brighter.

You see, I have FAILED at a lot more than I’ve accomplished on my list of tasks.

The little trail that life was taking me on took many unexpected turns, loopty loops, U-turns, miscalculations, reroutes, and stop signs that no one saw coming.

Yet, though it sounds cliche, each twist of this crazy journey filled to the brim with what most would deem to be “failed goals” has been completely worth it.

There isn’t one test I would go back and pass, one mistake I would go back and undo, or one decision I would un-make.

So, as I sit down to compile a list of “goals” to achieve this year and words to live out, I lean into flexibility, knowing that holding myself to a standard of “perfection” is a lot less fun of a journey.

Here’s to being flexible in 2019, setting goals, being held accountable, but NOT acting like I have it all together when I really don’t.

3 G O A L S:

  1. Read 35 books. This number is WEAK in comparison to what some of my friends read in a year, but we are going to start there.

  2. Finish reading the Bible all the way through. 2018 came with many plans that were started and never finished. This is a goal that deserves highest priority and I’m going to keep it real by telling ya’ I have FAILED in the past.

  3. Write at least 3 blog posts a month. (Funny story, 18 year old Shannon was a little too ambitious and thought she could blog consistently, DAILY, for ONE year. 365 days? Are you kidding me, that chick was crazy. This year we are going to strive for 3 a month.)

W O R D:

Alright, you have probably seen this before on the internet, yet just in case you are one of those extra wise people that avoid the internet, I am going to break it down a little bit.

The purpose is to find one word to focus on for all of 2019. So it’s like a resolution, but one word that is likely to pour into various areas of your life.

A common example includes, “Intentionality” where one strives to be intentional with their friendships, spiritual life, workouts, and all things in between.

Get it?

Alright, sweet.

My word this year is “free,”

I know, pretty basic, right?

Freedom has been an overarching theme of this past year for me.

Free to start to heal from anxiety.

Free to worship.

Free to speak and live and go on adventures.

Free to follow where the Lord leads.

Free from human reign and control.

Free, only because Christ has paid my debt.

I don’t deserve this one bit, but holy moly it is time to live in that freedom.

If you are taking some time to write down your goals and word of the year, remember that grace is still greater even though we sure don’t deserve it. Don’t hold yourself to perfect standards that are worthy for all of your Facebook friends and Instagram followers. Pray, think, breathe, and be still as you compile a list of things you think are laid on your heart.

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