Human Trafficking Is The World's Fastest Growing Crime: Meet Dressember

The other day while happily listening to a podcast (just another day in the life of Shannon, let me tell ya’), I stumbled upon an interview with a gal named Blythe Hill.

A few minutes into the interview, the young girl was talking about a movement that her and a few friends started called “Dressember.”

The action required for Dressember: Wear a dress everyday in December.

My first thoughts, “That is A LOT OF DRESSES.”

However, her passion behind this quickly caught my attention so I figured I better tune back in and listen to her words.

Her voice started to express the PURPOSE of Dressember (Which instantly drowned my, “Your wardrobe isn’t enough and you can’t afford to do that much laundry” thought): To raise awareness and funds for those affected by human trafficking.

MHMM, there it was and I was much more drawn to figuring out how to get creative in December wearing the same dresses over and over and over (and OVER) again.

Here’s the deal.

There are an estimated 24.9 people currently trapped in forced labor through human trafficking.

This is the world’s FASTEST growing crime.

More than 50% of victims are sexually exploited.

So, yes, now is the time to make a change.

I’m not writing this to make you feel all guilty for not owning enough dresses, rather to just inform and educate (both you and myself!!) on this rapidly growing industry that is incredibly dehumanizing.

What does this mean?

This means that together we can take the month of December and grow together and learn about new ways to help those currently trapped in human trafficking. I or you alone probably can’t change that much, but TOGETHER? Holy moly, that is where the good stuff happens!!

So, join me, wear a dress everyday in December and when someone asks why, let them know!

Or you can contribute financially!

Most importantly, can we please pray? Let’s start praying more, even for those whose eyes we have never looked into!

OH, AND don’t worry boys, you can participate too! You can wear a tie every day in December. The deal is the same, when someone asks why, you can let them know about the global crisis that you are raising a voice for!

Throughout the month of December and beyond, let’s get educated and spread awareness.

Shannon HaupertComment