3 Things To Remember This Good Friday

It wasn't until recently that I felt the weight of what Jesus did on Good Friday.

I have heard it a million times, "Jesus died on the cross so we could live", but what I didn't realize was how much Jesus suffered in order to SAVE us. 

This is the first year that my view of this day has changed. I wanted to share a few realizations with y'all and encourage you to dive into the word this easter. 

I pray that you would let this news resonate with you and humble you as you walk through this day, no matter what background you may come from. 

Out of  His love for YOU, you are set free.

1. Jesus has felt true pain in all it's forms.

Okay, so I probably should've understood this sooner. I figured Jesus just felt physical pain on this day. I thought, "well, duh, it would hurt to have nails in your hands", but never took into account the pain He felt mentally and emotionally. Prior to being crucified he was mocked and even spat on. This just makes me think of the worst bullying I could imagine (TIMES A MILLION), happening to an innocent, perfect, honest man. This all happened prior to being on that cross. 

2. Jesus experienced loneliness.

He was denied by his peers, hurt by many, and in his last moments pleaded, "My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?" (Matthew 27:46). These words hold a lot more weight than they used to. Jesus relates to us when we feel alone in our struggles because he has felt that in it's deepest most hurtful form.

3. This day was DARK.

Jesus' death was much darker than we tend to realize because at this point in time, his disciples were unaware that he would be coming back to life 3 days later. This was a season of mourning, pain, and suffering for those that did believe in Jesus and His teachings. After his death, the world looked in awe at the temple torn in two and knew that Jesus "truly was the son of God." (Matthew 27:54) 

It is impossible for me to imagine Mary's pain as she watched Jesus on that cross. This day was far more dark then we see it from our side knowing that Jesus comes back, this is not where the story ends.

Shannon HaupertComment