Faith As Small As A Mustard Seed

When I think about the word faith, a lot of people come to my mind. I think of the people I looked up to when I first started believing in Christ. I think about the way that their faith appeared to be so much stronger than mine will ever be. 

This is something I still do today, I look at mentors, pastors, and worship leaders and assume they must have it together. 

However, the more I get to know people and hear their stories, I learn that we all struggle with thinking everyone around us has it together and that we are the only ones who don’t. If this is something you have gone through, I feel ya.

In Matthew 17, we read that faith can move mountains. 

A huge part of me looks at that and thinks, "ok but that must take a whole lot of faith, right?" Wrong. It turns out, faith, even the size of a mustard seed, can make some big changes.

The problem is where we put that faith. 

Recently, I have caught myself trying to succeed on my own, putting my faith in Earthly things. This has gotten my heart off track. 

We all have choices to make each day and it could be hard to lay down our lives every day and trust that God will provide. It is a choice to seek God and to put our faith in the right place.

I can’t promise you that putting your faith in God means He is going to give you everything you ever wanted, that just is not how it works. You will still have challenges. You will still struggle with certain things, yet have someone to walk through life with.

When that little tiny faith is in the right place, when your heart starts to become repaired by someone greater, it can move mountains.

Your hearts desires might be things you never imagined yourself doing. It may not seem like much on the surface, but having the smallest bit of faith can allow God to work. It might be painful, you might be stretched in a whole lot of new ways, but you will begin to develop a relationship with God that reminds you that you are loved and wanted. 

Shannon Haupert1 Comment