Little Kid Dreams


When I was little I used to plan out my future as if I had it completely under control. My plans consisted of things like, having a husband by the age of 25 that looked like a Ken doll. The ideal location to live would be Washington because it is cold and I hate the heat. I wanted to have at least four kids of my own and live in a huge house. I would have done anything to fast forward through all of the stuff in the middle, through high school, and college and just jumped into to having a family of my own.

It is so great to have that kind of imagination and picture how the future might look. But, I do think I was wasting my time by wishing to be all grown up from the beginning. The older I got the more I held myself to the standards that four year old me held. I still kept that timeline of getting married by a certain age age, graduating college by a certain age, having my first child by a certain age. This is not awful but I am learning that all of the micro-planning is not necessary. 

The way my life goes is beyond my control. Most things have already gotten switched around. I am moving to the 110 degree weather in Phoenix in just a few weeks. There is no way that I would be able to handle four kids at any point. Who knows if I will even have kids of my own. It is so crazy to look back and see how I pictured things and comparing them to things I want now. You really do value more important things as you grow up, you do not need a huge house and a Ken doll looking husband. All of this is not for me to plan, and that is 100% alright with me.

Shannon HaupertComment