Mornings are R O U G H.



Goof Morbnignd...

This is sort of how things turn out when I am tired. Let me tell ya, if I had to speak to you before 8AM, I would not be a very pleasant person to be around. It would not take a brain surgeon to tell you, I .am .not .a .morning .person . I LOVE sleep. Sleep is a beautiful thing my friends, but sometimes you have just got to get up and be productive. Although, these days are going to be difficult, there are some tips and tricks to help you survive the morning that you are dreading.

Let's start here, the night before. Alright, so it is time to get ready for bed. STEP ONE: SET YOUR ALARM. Not just one alarm though, if you are anything like me, you might just sleep through the first one. If i'm being completely honest with you, I set about 5 that are 5 minutes apart. Then you have a few warnings before you need to actually step your foot onto the ground.

There is one more thing before going to bed that is an absolute must. STEP TWO: SET OUT YOUR OUTFIT. I typically go to Pinterest for some inspiration, check the weather and then lay my clothes out for the following day. For me, this is critical, because tired me does not typically have a good sense of style and you just never know what you are going to get. 

Okay, it is time for the dreaded morning. Once alarm number 1 leaves me wanting to cry, I usually like to lay there for a little bit and mentally prepare for the day. Say some prayers, try not to fall back asleep, and think about what is going to happen through the day. After alarm number 5 goes off. it is time for STEP THREE: PUT YOUR FEET ON THE GROUND (STAND UP). You can do this, I believe in you.

STEP FOUR:MAKE SOME COFFEE. Alright, I am coffee obsessed. Typically, before I have coffee my thoughts barely form, so for me this step is NOT negotiable. Oh and this leads us to STEP FIVE: EAT SOME BREAKFAST. Y'all, I get it, it is hard to have time to eat breakfast but grab a granola bar because coffee on an empty stomach WILL make you feel like you will not survive. TRUST ME. Your stomach will hate you for it.

STEP FIVE: PROCESS YOUR THOUGHTS. I am so lazy that in order for me to have a successful day, I need to take some time to think about my day for a second. Checking my planner, maybe journaling a little, this is essential for my day.

STEP SIX: GET READY FOR THE DAY. Based on your night before outfit prep, you should make it out the door in a decent amount of time. YOU GOT THIS. 

If you are similar to me, it is not easy to get up and go. It takes some preparation for me to get going and that is alright. I do not get out of bed leaping and single songs like a Disney Princess. That is aye okay! My fluffy hair and tired brain, take some time and that is alright. You are only human, if you are late now and then, it is alright. Just give yourself some grace and coffee and move forward with your day. YOU CAN SURVIVE EARLY MORNINGS. 


*edited with Canva.

*edited with Canva.

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