I have believed in God for quite a few years now but I never really understood the importance of scripture. I have some verses memorized but quickly found that every now and then I would open my Bible just to mark it off my checklist. This could not be further from what the true intent of scripture is. This book, the Bible, is meant to help us. It is meant to be a breathe of fresh air into our lungs, not something that weighs us down. 

I have decided not to hold myself to a high standard or plan that makes me stay on track with reading my Bible, otherwise, it turns into a chore. Word is meant to empower, so let it empower you in God's timing not in a devotionals timing. I am not suggesting that you give up reading, but stay in communication with God while you read. Listen intentionally to what the purpose of scripture is. 

Now when I read the Bible, it is more as a need, a longing to learn more about Jesus, rather than be forced to. To anyone who struggles to open your Bible, I understand, this book is intimidating and by no means a walk in the park. Challenge yourself to spend time with God and read the Bible but do it because you want to, not because you have to.

Shannon HaupertComment