Recently, I have realized that it really is the little things that make you smile. I decided for today's article to be on those things, the things that really make you smile, no matter how small they may seem to others. Here is my list, I challenge you to make yours!


1. Dogs (all animals really)

2. Family (having support is the most important thing ever)

3. Netflix (let's be real, we all spend hours on this)

4. Donuts (duh)

5. Coffee (Can not survive without it)

6. Sleep (naps just make me smile)

7. Friends (crucial for survival, lets be real)

8. Cute room decor (I have an obsession with cute pillows, let me tell ya)

9. Music (always good for bringing up the mood)

10. Books (I am writer, what can I say?)

11. Cookies

12. The beach

13. Sunshine

14. Laughter (It is just nice to have something to laugh about mostly)

15. Air conditioning (I just moved to Phoenix so yes, absolutely)

16. Fuzzy blankets (could not sleep without them)

17. Hikes (a workout and nature? too much happiness)

18. Home cooked meals

19. Rainy days

20. Grilled cheese (if you know me, you know I eat this on a regular basis)

21. Sundays (church, sleep, and brunch, what more could a girl want?)

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