ALL THE SINGLE LADIES (*play Beyonce song), this one is for you.

Look, I am nineteen years old. I am single. I have never had a serious relationship. Guess what? That is aye ok! 

I am writing this because, I tend to put up the "I am a strong independent woman" act. While, yes this is true, I am in fact finding my strength and learning about independence. But, this is not always the case. Ladies, we have ALL been there. We have all spent nights dreaming, wishing and waiting for that special someone to come along and sweep us off of our feet. It is human nature. We were raised on Princess fairy tales and of course, we see that as a form of true happiness. 

But, the fact of the matter is, it is so possible for you to be completely happy and independent. It takes time; there are still going to be painful nights of wishing you had someone to say goodnight to or wake up to a good morning message on your phone. 

The thing is, you have so much potential on your own. Learning to love yourself is so incredibly important. I am going to admit to you right now that there was a point in my life where I would seek love from others to fill the void of insecurities that were once in my heart. That got me absolutely nowhere. You are capable of loving yourself. In fact, loving yourself will give you the strength to have standards for who loves you, which you should. Do not settle because you want to be accepted by someone. Y O U need to accept yourself before seeking that out from someone else.

Rather, take this time of being single to grow and transform into who you really want to be. There is no shame in loving who you are, but it takes time to get there. There is also no shame in being S I N G L E. It is a word with negative stigma but there is no reason for that. You have to learn some things on your own for a little while. For now, be patient, grow, and love yourself a little more each day.

This does not mean you are too "strong" for a man. It does not mean you are not open to being in a relationship. It just means you are a strong person, who is confident, and capable of surviving on your own. There is nothing negative about that. You deserve to have a relationship that is loving and you are worth being loved. This will come and until then, just rest in being your independent self.

From one single lady to another,



Shannon Haupert1 Comment