8 Days

In 8 days, I will be on my way to Phoenix, Arizona. This time, not for a short little vacation but to stay. WHAT? How on Earth did that happen. Anyone who knows me knows how much I hate hot weather and that I had plans of staying local for all of my college years. 

Well, looks like things change. If there was one thing I have learned this past year it would be to let go. I hold on to what I want so very tightly and stay in my little bubble. What I have come to realize that when I do that, my bubble gets a little lonely, and a little bit boring. I have loved living in Southern California, but it is also all that I know. It would be wrong to pass up a chance to move forward, grow and see what is in store. 

How did I end up in Phoenix though? I mean this world is pretty big and thats where I am going, the one place I said I would never be. After so many prayers for new doors to open up, and for new beginnings, Phoenix fell right into place. 

I specifically remember being in my car, praying about what I should do. Should I wait a year? Stay home build more friendships, my selfish heart wanted this more than anything. But in that exact moment I set my thoughts aside and turned up the radio when the lyrics were, "Why wait for a miracle to happen?" Now listen, SECONDS before I was praying, asking God, if I should WAIT a year or go now. Those lyrics were enough of an answer for my ears. I know, sometimes "signs" sound weird, some say they are coincidences, but this was not even the sign I wanted to hear, it was the opposite actually. I was sort of went in half trusting in his plan though, I had a foot in the door and just waited to see if I could really go all in. One thing after another started to work out and now I am about a week away from move in day. 

Months later now and I have yet to ever hear the lyrics to that song again. So yes, I am going to take that as an answered prayer and just keep on walking blindly! If it were up to me, I would still be in my little bubble, but that would not be living, so here is to new adventures!

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