From My Mess of a Room To Yours:

Is your room currently a mess? I know mine usually is. Well, this article seems a little random. If any one recalls, a few months ago I wrote a blog post titled, " From My Mess of a Life To Yours". That article touched upon the fact that none of us really have it together. But today, we are going to be chatting about the abundant amount of un-necessary items that have turned my room into a disaster in recent days (years). 

Every now and then I clean out my closet, give a few things away, keep most and move on with my life. When I "clean" my room, I really just throw things around a little until it looks a little less disorganized.

As many of you know, I recently went on my first mission trip to Gulu, Uganda. One of the various things I learned on this trip is that I could be living a much, emphasis on MUCH, simpler lifestyle. I do not know what led me to think that I needed 23 pairs of shoes in the first place but here we are. 

So, a lot of people think that developing countries are full of poverty and see that as an issue. From just two weeks in Uganda, I came to realize that this place was so rich in love and this was not "poverty" to them, the lack of material items had no significance there because those items are not fulfilling. 

The point is, I sort of just came to notice something I should have noticed a LONG time ago. No matter how many pairs of shoes, jeans, or decorative pillows I have, they are not necessary. In fact, I have found it almost draining to manage so many items that do not even get used. They end up just taking a place on a shelf or hanger, and they could be going to good use by someone else. I am not suggesting that anyone just gives everything they own away. However, today I finally got around to getting rid of half of my closet and I am feeling much more free. 

Coming home to America, almost makes me feel guilty for the luxuries I have always taken for granted. Seeing children who are thankful for school and shoes on their feet made me realize, I do not need all of the extra. I do not need to shop because I am bored, and I do need to be more thankful for everything.

So from my (used to be mess of a room) to yours: I challenge you to get around to cleaning out that old closet of yours and maybe getting rid of that t-shirt you have not worn for 2 years.

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