Life is Sweeter When it is Slow.

Living in Southern California, everything and everyone is constantly on the go. Whether it is going from work to school, school to church, school to get coffee, coffee to get coffee again (I drink a lot of coffee), or rushing to get through some errands, or trying to make it home to go running before the sun goes down, sitting in traffic for hours on end, whatever the case may be, it is so extremely evident that we. never.stop. Right before a busy day it can get stressful, if you are anything like me you lay in bed trying to figure out how you'll service the next 24 hours, but then by some miracle you are finally up. Living a busy life style makes time go by so fast, one second you are struggling to get out of bed and the next you are on your third round of caffeine and sitting on the 91 freeway hoping you will make it on time to your class. Taking time to slow down is almost impossible now a'days, or sometimes we think of sitting at home on social media as relaxing. 

Something that has been recently been brought to my attention is that, not only do I throw to much on my plate, but I spend time doing things that are not even on the plate! I find myself bringing stress my way all by self! Imagine that, as if life is not already complicated enough, lets complicate things on my own! Great idea Shannon. 

Okay, back to the point, if you are stressed because you run out of time for things, I would highly recommend slowing down for a little while. Just because you are surrounded by people who are constantly on the go does not mean you are required to be. Take an hour to write, read, Pray more, whatever is helping you grow. DO IT. 

Lately, I have learned that, pursuing Jesus is the only thing that actually calms my heart. I could sit in child's pose for hours on end but nothing has brought me peace like sitting down and reading my Bible for an hour, or writing down my prayers. I understand this is not the case for everyone, there are a lot of reasons that one might not be a believer but I challenge you to give God the steering wheel for a little while and sit at his feet each day and watch how things begin to change. You have been given grace upon grace upon grace and finding it was one of the best things to happen in my life. I am not here to tell you to convert or to drag you to church every Sunday but spreading grace and love is never a bad thing. You are beautiful in his eyes regardless of what the world tells you and that is pretty grand if you ask me.

Shannon HaupertComment