Sometimes the ugly parts of life start to creep in. Whether that be anxiety, depression, stress, loneliness, or fear, they just decide to make an appearance every now and then. Each of these messy things has the ability to cloud our judgement and make us believe that we are broken in all the wrong ways. Maybe these ugly parts of life have crept in and made you feel as if you could never be fixed. This however, is a lie. Your life is not defined by your mistakes or the parts of yourself that you see as ugly.

If I could for a moment, I would just like to encourage you with the fact that you are never too broken. Your brokenness is there to remind you off all of the beauty and strength that comes after you have defeated your fears, your depression, your anxiety, your loneliness. 

In the midst of the ugly parts, we tend to not think about the pretty ones. Yet, they do still exist.

Here is just a little reminder that YOU are loved, that YOU are worthy, that YOU are beautiful even with all of the broken pieces you may think have overcome you.

Shannon HaupertComment