Life and Things:

I do not typically do life update posts on my blog but I think it is so cool to see people relate with other people based on what is happening in their lives, so here we go.

The past few months have been exciting, messy, new, fun, lonely, but so full of community at the same time, full of so much grace,and  full of so many life lessons. I would not trade them for the world.

Living in the now is something I am working on, I tend to jump into what the future holds without resting in where I am. I do not know if you have experienced this but I would explain my attitude as a "where to next?" type of attitude rather than an "ahhh I am content" type of attitude. Make sense? maybe not but it did in my brain. This is the reason that I feel the need to say what has been happening lately, to rest and reflect and enjoy what God is doing. 


Moving to Arizona, I had no expectations, I just kind of jumped in and knew that this was where I was supposed to be. I am so so grateful that I ended up here and I am learning to rest in just being here for however long that is. 

The first few months here were spent organizing my new room, attending classes, and attempting to socialize as much as possible to gain community. For anyone who knows me, you are probably aware that socializing is not my cup of tea, so that was short lived. Now that I am going on month 4 of living in a new state, things have settled down, new friends have appeared and new jobs have come to the horizon. For the most part, all of the community I kept wishing for landed in my lap when I stopped searching for it.

So far, I have had one visit home (soon to be two next week) and it was FILLED to the brim with Jesus and some super genuine friendships. It was the coolest thing to see how God had been working in friends lives that I had not seen in a few months. I got to have chats with people about all of their new beginnings and it was a breath of fresh air.

During my time at home I realized that there were things I could be doing in Arizona to pour into and love others better. I realized things about the community I gained last year and how dearly I missed them all. But my favorite lesson from a quick stop at home was the reminder of how much God did in my life last year and how much he is STILL doing now.

This trip refilled my hope for new beginnings in a new state and allowed me to open more doors when returning to the desert.

Now, I am back to spending my days at coffee shops, hanging out with my sister (since we are now in the same state, PRAISE), working, babysitting, writing, going to class, taking day trips, watching a lot of Greys Anatomy, and leaning on endless amounts of grace.

So there you have it, the messiness, the good, the fun, and everything in between. I would not trade where this new journey has taken me for the world.

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