Making the Season of Thankfulness Year Round

November is just around the corner, which means that turkeys, black friday sales, and family time will occupy the next month. With Thanksgiving creeping up really quick, suddenly the factor of thankfulness sweeps into our lives. Being thankful has a way of refreshing the heart and letting people love others more and more. 

Thankfulness means changing our mindsets to focus on the positive things in life rather than the negative. Appreciating what is placed in our lives, could allow for a complete change of pace, mind, and attitude. 

I get that this could be difficult, because to be honest, sometimes life just gets challenging. Seek out the positives in each situation and GIVE THANKS FOR THEM. 

A few tips to be extra grateful not only during this season but ALWAYS:

1) Start a gratitude journal. 

Write down the things that you love. Cherish them dearly in a little adorable journal and then you can reflect on them later on. Pretty cool right?

2) Remind people you love them.

Throw little encouraging notes like this one to the ones you love. Showing people you are thankful for them with your actions is HUGE. I could guarantee YOU will also feel better knowing you made someone smile.

3) Consciously drop the complaining.

I do it, we all do it. From "it is really cold" to "UGGGHH, I do not want to do my homework" we have all been there. Try to eliminate complaining from your vocabulary. I would love to work on this along side you. Personally, being mindful of this has opened my eyes to the amount of negative statements that fly out of my mouth each day.

4) Get into a routine of Thankfulness.

*image credits to Pinterest

*image credits to Pinterest

You may be thinking, "what the heck does that mean?", which is extremely understandable. Yet, everyday, we each have a routine. During your morning routine, whether is it during the time that you brush your teeth or take a shower, use a task you do regularly as a time to be thankful. Each time that you reach for the toothbrush, or reach for your alarm, start listing in your mind each thing that you are grateful for that day. It is so crazy to realize that sometimes the list drags one through the teeth-brushing, showering, and make-up doing.

There you have it, 4 little things to make the day, and the world, a brighter place.

Shannon HaupertComment