False Advertising

Have you ever driven by a restaurant and seen an advertisement for a meal that you MUST have?  Maybe, you actually gave in and got the meal. The various times that this has happened to me, I have later realized that the meal did not satisfy me as much as I expected. It turned out that the delicious looking food was actually just a reheated frozen dish that the restaurant threw into the microwave. At the end of the day, this advertisement was false. I had looked at an image and loved what I saw, got what I wanted, but it did not satisfy my appetite as much as I had expected.

Perhaps, it is not only restaurants that give false advertisement. It is very possible that we all do it, unintentionally.

As you read this, please know that I have no intention of blaming you for anything. My eyes have been opened to something recently and I felt it was put on my heart to share, and maybe you could relate.

I have come to notice that there are times that I have mis-advertised my own life. I tend to show the prettiest side of things and throw in captions that make my life seem genuinely fantastic. However, maybe if I was a little more real and raw, it would remind people that they are not alone in their struggles.

As I started to scroll more and more, I began to recognize that I tend to desire what others have. This could range from clothing to relationships. Social media posts have left me feeling left out and insecure rather than happy for others. So why is this? I started to check my heart and realized I am so guilty of constantly comparing myself to others.

We all view screens all day long of what appears to be perfect relationships, perfect homes, and perfect families. We do this so often that our minds and hearts believe that our lives should look like these photos. So it becomes a cycle, we each start to generate the highlight reel of our own lives and post our own "perfect" photos. 

Eventually, I came to the conclusion that what is satisfying to others may be a little more like that reheated meal to me, toxic. 

So, try not to get upset about your own life based on what is satisfying to someone else. Social media has the capability to encourage others and be genuine if we let it. Do your very best not to compare yourself to others but rejoice with them through the good and the bad.



Shannon HaupertComment