Thankful for, January 2017


I realize more and more as time goes on that there are many things that I tend to take for granted. 

Sometimes I get caught up in the materialism of the culture we live in. This could lead me to get frustrated over little things. For instance, every now and then, I get angry about the water in my shower not getting fast enough, or about getting stuck in traffic, or to be honest, I even get angry sometimes about the fact that I have to go to class.


I am fortunate enough to be born in a country where education is something women have a right to. Here I am getting a degree and COMPLAINING, while millions of girls across the globe do not get to attend school.


So today, I am choosing to say thank you for school. I take my education for granted and I should not do this. I am so so grateful that I have been taught to read and write. Writing has become my passion and without school, I would not have come to know this. 

Today, I am choosing to say thank you for the moment when the water does not get hot enough. This moment, though small, makes me remember that I must be grateful that I have water at all. 

Today, I am choosing to say thank you for the traffic that made me late to class. Was I late to class? Yes, but I also got here SAFE. 

As much as I hate admitting the things I complain about in this mind of mine, I just need to do it. Bringing these things to the surface serves a constant reminder of the work that is being done and that needs to be done in my heart. 



Shannon HaupertComment