Thankful for

It is F-R-I-D-A-Y.

This means it is time for that weekly gratitude list thing once again. I feel like my lists are getting repetitive so I am just going to be open and honest and raw for a little bit. It is really important to take time and reflect on being thankful for things, but sometimes it is hard to do so. Sometimes, things do not seem to be going right, or even seem to be going completely wrong. The point of these posts is to help me, and remind you, to reset our minds a little bit. We go, go, and go all week long and eventually realize that we are running thin. Our minds get the best of us and we forget what really matters and only think about the bad. No, I am not doing insanely awful but struggles come each day and that is because I am also a human being. So by no means are these posts of thankfulness supposed to disregard all of the bad parts of the week, but to recognize things that I should have recognized before that are good.

With all that being said, this week I am grateful for...

1. My school--I just transferred to GCU in Phoenix, AZ. A transition could be a challenge but everyone around me has been loving and caring through this process. Also, I adore the fact that many of professors pray before class and ask us if we have prayer requests, that just makes my heart happy.

2. Friends who genuinely care-- As we grow up it becomes so evident that those around us shape who we are. But as we grow up these friends become family. I love being able to be encouraged and encourage those around me even if they are miles and miles away, having them makes my world so much brighter.

3. Time-- Sometime I waste it... I let time slip through my hands and watch hours on end of "Grey's Anatomy". Oops. Well, this week I am grateful for time to write, read, and think... oh and maybe watch some more Grey's but shhh.

Ok, folks, that is what I have for you today. 

Much love,


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