Thankful for, December week 2 and a half.

WOOPS. This post is late, surprise surprise. 

Life has been flying by lately so I just lost track of time and here we are.

Well, I am so glad that the holidays are upon us but with the holidays comes so much busy-ness. 

Amidst the chaos I am still so grateful for this season.

Here you go:

1) Family: I am so thankful to have my family during the holiday season both near and far.

2) Global Friends: It is so sweet to hear from a few of the girls I met in Africa and know that they remember me, even though it has been 6 months.

3) My School: I am really grateful that I got the opportunity to go away to school that reminds me how loved I am by Jesus each and everyday.

4) FINALS ARE OVER: PRAISE PRAISE PRAISE. Y'all I am so stoked that I have a break for THREE weeks. What a blessing.

-Much Love


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