Thankful for, November week 1

It seems that time keeps going faster, I can barely wrap my head around that it is already November. CRAZY.

With November comes the season of Thankfulness. I love the holidays and I love the little joys that start to make people happy and the fond memories of time with family and snowmen building.

So, this week I am thankful for:

1) New chapters: It is so much fun to see what is in store here in Phoenix and seeing things pan out with jobs and school.

2) Genuine friendships: I am so dang lucky to have people in my life that remind me who I am and who's I am and they never fail to make me laugh, smile, or cry, even from 300 miles away.

3) Roadtrips: I just love being able to scream songs at the top of my lungs for hours.

4) Seeing God in a whole new light: Being on your own changes the way that you rely on others and I am learning more about Jesus each day. This makes being away from home worth it.

During this season of thanks, I challenge you to do a few random acts of kindness. Spread some joy and love on one another, because (1) for some the holidays bring back bad memories, rather than good. and because (2) people are pretty cool we could all appreciate one another a little bit more.

Shannon HaupertComment